NIMD operates as a Public Benefit Organization under Dutch tax law. This status is known as ANBI, or Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling, and entails a number of benefits and responsibilities. The chief benefit is that funding partners enjoy tax advantages. At the same time, NIMD is required to disclose the information provided below to fulfil its obligations as an ANBI.

Mission and vision

NIMD is a non-governmental organization, supported by Dutch political parties, that assists political parties in more than 20 countries worldwide. NIMD’s expertise lies in providing specialized support to multiparty political systems and capacity building for political parties and similar groupings. Through its activities, NIMD aims to contribute to the deepening and sustainability of democratic political institutions in new and emerging democracies.

Governance and Remuneration policy

The NIMD Executive Director is responsible for the management and strategic development of the organization and reports to the Supervisory Board. The Supervisory Board consists of six independent members with extensive experience in various relevant areas, including politics. The Supervisory Board receives a remuneration of €250 for every meeting (four times per year).

The Advisory Council, consisting of representatives of the seven Dutch political parties that founded NIMD, provides strategic advice on key policy issues. Advisory Board members are reimbursed their expenses for attending the meetings.

NIMD determines its remuneration policy according to the subsidy guidelines from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA). These guidelines stipulate that remuneration of the Executive Board and employees is subject to a maximum salary of €129,500 annually (including holiday allowance). This is based on the pay-scale 19 of Bezoldigings Besluit Rijksambtenaren (BBRA) and a 36-hour working week. The Executive Director of NIMD receives a salary of €88,329 which is BBRA 16 scale 10.

The Annual Report

The remuneration policy is set out in detail in our annual reports. The reports also contain sections on financial accountability and realized objectives and activities.

Questions and complaints

NIMD aims to be a reliable and transparent organization. NIMD treats complaints and formal inquiries made by (partner) organizations and individuals seriously. All complaints are dealt with directly by the Executive Director.

For questions and complaints please send an email to The email’s receipt will be confirmed and your query will be answered within three weeks.

Code of conduct

NIMD is member of Partos, an association of Dutch organizations involved in the area of international development. NIMD follows Partos’ code of conduct.

RSIN identification

NIMD is registered with RSIN identification number 810625921.