To ensure maximum transparency in all our work, NIMD has a comprehensive Integrity Policy. NIMD aims for the highest possible integrity in its contact with partners, suppliers, clients, among NIMD staff, and in respect of our business property. The key values within our staff policy – justice, legal security, safe environment, openness and clarity, individual & shared responsibility and room for initiative, diversity and creativity – also serve as a point of departure for the Integrity Policy.

Integrity cannot be introduced just by drawing up a number of rules of conduct. Attitude and ’wanting to do things properly’ are also crucial aspects of integrity. In our view, there are two sides to the integrity coin: a hard side and a soft side. The hard side consists of regulations, both internal and external, and the soft side refers to the organizational culture at NIMD. Integrity in our organization implies displaying an open and respectful attitude towards each other, respecting and embracing differences, being honest and accountable, avoiding deception, etc. It goes without saying that superiors should set a good example through exemplary conduct.

Apart from the content of the Integrity Policy, NIMD employees are obliged to comply with generally accepted legal requirements and abide by common social standards and values. This Integrity Policy consists of a code of conduct, complaints procedure and whistleblowing procedure.