NIMD works at the heart of politics, supporting political actors from across the political spectrum, and empowering politicians to contribute effectively to sustainable development.

We have different strategies that help us do this:

We promote dialogue between politicians from different political parties and groups, so that they can come to shared solutions on the issues that matter. We strengthen the capacities of political actors and parties, so that they have the tools they need to work responsively, effectively and accountably. And we train young and aspiring politicians in our Democracy Schools, so that they have the knowledge and skills to take up their roles as future leaders.

Through these activities, we seek to bring about change on political system, actor, and culture level.


The themes below guide our work across our different programmes:

Our work reaches countries around the world, each with their own complex political history and diverse communities. Starting with an in-depth analysis of the specific political context, we assess how we can use our unique portfolio and expertise to contribute to positive change. Then, together with our local partners, we develop a tailor-made approach to make that change a reality.

Since political change can come from many places, we work with the entire political spectrum in a country, from aspiring local politicians to national political leaders.

During the course of our programmes, we constantly monitor and evaluate our work. We want to build democracies that are future-proof, so we share our achievements and learn from our mistakes. Through this pioneering attitude, we hope to arrive at innovative and effective solutions with a long-term impact.