NIMD was founded in 2000 by 7 Dutch political parties. This multiparty identity provides us with the legitimacy and unique opportunity to work on an impartial basis with all political parties in a country and encourage dialogue between them. Our work is guided by five principles that reflect both our own multiparty identity and the role we play as an experienced democracy assistance organization.


Our approach is non-partisan. We are not affliated with any specific political denomination and work impartially with all parties across the political spectrum.
We provide a platform for discussion for both ruling and opposition parties. All parties take part in the dialogue on issues of national interest with an equal voice.
We encourage the equal participation and representation of marginalized groups. We empower representatives of these groups to take part in the policy-making process.
Local ownership
We work with our partners on an equal basis. Our programmes are locally set and reflect local demands.
Long-term commitment
Political transformation, building trust and strengthening political parties takes time. Therefore, we invest in long-lasting relationships with our local partners and political parties.